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Desirae Cambrelen,

Desirae is an animal behaviorist who earned her MSc in Applied Animal Behavior and Welfare from the University of Edinburgh. She has also earned accreditations as a Fear Free certified shelter professional and a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.


Throughout her career, Desirae has worked with many species in a variety of settings, from applied behavior research on captive polar bears to behavior modification  and rehabilitation on shelter dogs rescued from criminal cases of cruelty and neglect. 

Desirae specializes in animals exhibiting aggression, fear, or anxiety. She also has extensive experience helping shelter animals adjust to life in a home. 

She currently resides in NJ with her adopted dog Wesley. They enjoy spending time outdoors and finding dog-friendly happy hours.


Samantha Nigbur-Mays,



Sam is a certified dog trainer and cat behavior consultant who earned her master's degree in animal behavior at Hunter College. 

While Sam has experience with a wide variety of behavior concerns, she is most experienced in rehabilitating fearful and under-socialized cats and dogs. She also has five years of experience working as a vet assistant at veterinary clinics across the country and is a Fear Free certified professional. 

She currently resides in NJ with her dog, Haylee, as well as her two cats, Dexter and Oliver, who often assist as demo cats during training sessions. 

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